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We are responsible for the welfare of deer and their natural habitat. This involves management of deer numbers, mainly by regular culling, to ensure that there is sufficient grazing for the herd and other animals, without causing damage to their habitat.

Stalking provides the funds that help to manage the land and the native wild red deer.

We use highland ponies to extract the deer off the hill to limit the impact on the habitat.

We would be happy to tell you more about the way we manage deer on East Rhidorroch, simply get in touch with us.


 The red deer stag stalking season runs from the 1st July to 20th October but really starts in September, the price of a Stag is £400, in case of a occasional blank day an “outing only” fee of £100 applies.


 The hind season runs from the 21st October to 15th February.

The price per day is £125 irrespective of the number of beasts shot.

It is possible to rent the cottage in the winter.


 Sika stag stalking is also available from the 1st July to 20th October, the outing fee is £50 and the stag is £300.


Beginners more than welcome.



Please note : a wounded or lost deer will be charged the full amount


Iona when she was a child, helping her Mum on Gruiniard Estate.



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