What South Wales has to offer

South Wales has a wide range of adventure activities that you can participate in, ranging from coasteering, an incredible way is to see the coast of Wales. You will be right down at water level climbing and scrambling and jumping around the coast. Coasteering is a great way to immerse yourself in your surroundings and have a great time at the same time.

Another fantastic way to experience the countryside is to go Gorge walking or gorge scrambling as it is known in Wales. This involves scrambling and climbing around and over waterfalls, jumps into deep water and so much more. There are fantastic routes throughout South Wales which includes the beautiful Brecon Beacons National Park, which covers over 500 square miles, and is where you will find the SAS training, and other armed services.

If the above sounds a bit to physical for you why not try learning some survival skills and go Wild Camping. You will be tort how to erect an emergency shelter, light a fire without matches or a lighter and methods of finding and sustaining water. This is a superb way of experiencing the great Welsh outdoor countryside with a group of friends.

If you want something more high flying why not head over to The National Skydiving Club of Wales which is located just outside Swansea. They offer a great way to for fill lifetime dreams of parachuting from Tandem jumps from 12,000 feet, through to Charity jumps to raise money for good causes.

If that does not take your fancy or you don’t have a head for heights, the how about a Rally drive with a world champion. You can learn rally driving techniques such as power sliding and handbrake turns on a nine-mile course in a forest. You can get half day or full day rally driving courses as well as one to one rally driving tuition.

If four wheels is not for you what about sliding along the world’s quickest zip line in North Wales. It is the longest zip line in Europe and the fastest in the World. It features four zip lines side by side and with top speed of 125mph you will get to the bottom fast, but you will be ok with a new redesigned landing system, to help you come in fast but safely.

If that’s sound to quick for you then how about canoeing over the Thomas Telford’s Aqueduct which is 126ft above the river Dee. It offers spectacular view of the surrounding countryside at a leisurely pace.

How about shooting someone to let off steam

If none of the above are for you, how about shooting someone in a controlled and safe environment. There are some great paintball locations throughout South Wales where you can team up with others to play this great activity. You can also make use of paint grenades, jelly grenades as well as smoke grenades to make the experience even more realistic and fun.
If you would like the full military simulation game then you should opt for Airsoft, which uses replicas of real guns such as the AK47 and M16 assault rifle. These guns can fire up to 600 rounds per minute and can fire up to 50 meters. Each team will be given a mission which they have to complete.

If you do not want to be splattered with paint then why not try the latest state of the art digital laser guns for the ultimate outdoor adventure. These are an updated version of the Quasar indoor laser tagging game but updated for outdoor use.

If you want something completely different why not combine paintballing with Zombie Survival, where you will face your darkest fears as you fight to stay alive against the Zombie hordes. This is not for the faint hearted.

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Where to Stay In South Wales


South Wales has some great places to stay to suit all taste and budgets. If you want to stay in the Hart of Cardiff the capital of Wales there are many great hotels and bed and breakfast to choose from with an estimated 4,500 beds available. If you want something just outside the centre of Cardiff, but still within reach of the city centre but having the feel of being in the country then the New House Country Hotel will be for you. It is located to the North of Cardiff and offers stunning views over the capital, and offers luxury accommodation at great rates, and you are close to the countryside and city, having the best of both worlds.
If you want a hotel closer to the Brecon Beacons then the Wellington Hotel could be for you. It is one of the oldest buildings in Brecon and has 24 rooms with en-suite bathrooms.
If you are looking for something totally different how about staying in a Castle. The Clytha Castle near Abergavenny offers luxury accommodation in a grand setting and is an ideal place for a romantic break overlooking the Usk Valley.


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