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Dancing Through The Fire CD

Malcolm Guite: Dancing Through The Fire

This is Malcolm Guite's second CD, after The Green Man And Other Songs (see below)

This new set of songs feature a varied and magical sound scape of guest musicians: cello, hurdy gurdy, trumpet, saxophone, accordion, banjo and double bass.

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Green Man CD

Mystery Train: Let It Roll

After seven years of hard gigging Cambridge band Mystery Train have put together a bunch of their own songs, recorded in January and February this year. This collection takes them beyond their trademark blues, and takes inspiration from Bob Dylan and The Band's Basement Tapes sessions (as you can see by the cover!). 'Let It Roll' is the sound of their disparate influences blending to make new music.

Featuring the song-writing of four members of the band, the singing of three and touching all their musical bases, from roots country through classic blues to both Americana and English music, this album mixes songs that range from fractured love, through raucous rocking to gentle melancholy and a little English whimsy.

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Green Man CD

Malcolm Guite : The Green Man and Other Songs

We have just released a first record on the Cambridge Riffs label. This is a collection of songs by Cambridge singer/songwriter Malcolm Guite. The Green Man is a collection of songs inspired by everything from a feel for the threatened English country-side to a passionate love of Blues and Americana. Songs range from lyrical love poetry to righteous rocking and carry echoes of, and allusions to, the poets and song-writers who have helped form Malcolm's imagination.

The album was put together with contributions from members of Mystery Train, the Cambridge blues rock outfit Malcolm has fronted for the last seven years, but the Green Man sees him in more reflective/acoustic mode. These songs explore some of the realms of sorrow but are, in the final analysis, about renewal and transformation.

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Smell The Bicycle CD

Smell The Bicycle (Compilation of Cambs bands)

This CD contains a fantastic selection of tracks from bands and artists who have featured on the podcast. It's not intended to be a 'best of', but just a compilation which goes together well. You can see a full list of the artists and tracks on the CD by clicking on the 'More info' link below. You can also hear clips of all the songs by clicking on 'Music clips' The CD will be on sale in the local record shops, but you can also buy it online (for only 4.00 postage free) using the secure PayPal system. Just click on 'Buy CD' to see how to do that.

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