It's time to embrace Halloween for pre-Christmas profits

We can no longer leave it to our friends stateside, Halloween is now the UK’s second-biggest party night after New Year’s Eve. In fact, it outsells both Mothering Sunday and Father’s Day combined!

To reap easy profits, it’s about spotting potential seasonal opportunities like Halloween, and running with them to increase annual sales.

But there is no need to be afraid! Even the smallest collection of ready-made Halloween hampers, themed gift boxes or treat trays could bring you extra profits, well before the Christmas period even hits. 


YouGov SixthSense Research Director James McCoy explains;

“The massive amount of money consumers are already spending on Halloween and Bonfire Night would certainly be enough to make retailers sit up and take notice. But the really interesting thing is that the number of people actively taking part is still rather low, and so the big opportunity for retailers is to get the high percentages of people who feel favourably about Halloween and Bonfire Night out celebrating, and of course spending money.” *

Last year’s sales of Halloween-based products in the UK rose to a staggering £283 million, so whatever you do this October, be sure to do something.

*, published 5.09.16.