New improved mini black & white board signage
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Mini blackboard signage: Great before, even BETTER now!


We're always listening to your feedback and looking for ways to improve our products, and while our mini blackboards have already proven massively popular, we've been busy behind the scenes finding clever ways to avoid the nasty ghosting and marking that's often the bane of many blackboards on the market.


Well, we've done it! New, improved and affordably priced mini blackboards to replace what's gone before. Not only are they more durable, 100% wipe clean, food safe and fridge friendly, the thickness of the material hasn't changed either, so they fit the same stands and holders you were using before. They'll even cost you 80% less than the old version. Better product, better price – win win!


Now with 3 sizes available, click on the image below to go straight to the product listing, and don't forget to take a note of your new product code for re-orders.

S16045 replaces RDPBM Black
R16WPT replaces RDPBS white
S16043 replaces RDPBS black
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