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The sun is shining, the bubbles are on ice and everyone is outside - summer must be here! This time of year can creative lucrative opportunities for the wine trade, so ensure you’re ready for all alfresco events with our growing range of glassware.

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How Portaglas can profit you

Whatever you know them as, glass jacks, verrepack or just another functional box for storing things, there are many reasons why choosing Portaglas, our exclusive own brand glass storage and transit crates, is a clever way to a new revenue stream…

  • A glass loan service is a popular add-on that’s increasingly expected by customers when placing party wine orders. Easy to implement and set-up; Portaglas, combined with our great value range of caterers’ glassware, will have you up and running with a stress-free glass loan service in no time.

    Don’t forget - our glassware collection includes Champagne flutes, Savoir wine glasses, Islande Hi-ball and ISO tasting glasses from leading tableware brand ARC.
  • Whether you offer glass loan as a free service or by implementing a deposit system, it can help you tap into many other occasions such as local business events, conference catering, weddings or private parties – the list is endless!

  • Portaglas boxes keep everything safe in both transit and storage, and when they’re collected at the end of the event, missing and broken glasses will be clearly visible and easy to check.
  • Super-strong, lightweight and stackable, Portaglas can be purchased at wholesale trade prices, in handy small volumes, and with next day delivery as standard. Practical and efficient, it’s the storage box for glassware and other breakables.

  • Portaglas boxes can also be printed with your company name or logo. Branding your glass storage crates lets everyone know whose glasses have been loaned out and advertises your company wherever the boxes go, which could generate more business for you. You could even print your boxes with where to return information!