What is Logo?

Logo was created in 1966 at BBN, a Cambridge research firm, by Wally Feurzeig and Seymour Papert. Its intellectual roots are in artificial intelligence, mathematical logic and developmental psychology. The most popular Logo environments have involved the Turtle, originally a robotic creature that sat on the floor and could be directed to move around by typing commands at the computer. Soon the Turtle migrated to the computer graphics screen where it is used to draw shapes, designs, and pictures.
Enough introduction lets explain how it works! (especially on the Vectrex!!) Imagine you have a turtle which responds to voice commands, and imagine that she has a pot of paint on her back which leaves a trail behind her, now finally imagine your turtle is placed on a large black sheet of paper..
Lets try something, lets make out turtle go forward, say 80 steps.
"Hey turtle, move Forward 80 paces"
(The turtle is the pointy triangle and the line is her trail)

Lets try a turn..
"Turtle, turn Left 90 degrees"
Note she is now facing left

..and lets move forward again..
"Hey turtle, move Forward 80 again"
(strange bend is my poor photography)

OK we've got that, so lets go back in time and try it another way
Forward 80
Left 90
Repeat 3
(more times)

We used a loop!

So lets see how this works on the Vectrex! Part 2