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Send/email your logo programs, art, screenshots, listings, and hex dumps to this gallery!

Competition 1: Best piece of Logo art.
The best 3 pieces of logo art (photograph of vectrex logo draw screen) submitted to Vectorzoa, as decided by myself (Alex) will be identified, published and declared to RGV where the top piece will be decided by public vote. Logo owners should submit their art work via email to The closing date will be 3 days before Spike's Circus is released. (09 August 2006) The winner will receive a complimentary copy of Spike's Circus Classic Edition #03.
Congratulations to winner: Michael Markowski!

Competition 2: Early bird bonus
All Logo submissions received before 19th April will be entered into a draw (lottery) and randomly selected by an independant person. The winner will receive a Spike's Circus Spud's Song Demo Cart (not available to buy).
There is no limit to the number of submissions an individual may make, although each must be judged to be of significant variance/orginality to enter into the draw
Congratulations to winner by random selection: Jeroen Sanders!

Competition 3: Best piece of Logo art by a junior.
Logo submissions by children will be judged in the junior category. The winning piece of art as judged by myself (Alex) will receive a special personalised Spike's Circus Intro Demo Cart. (not available to buy, but trust me you'll like it.)
Congratulations to winner: Daan Sanders!