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Vectorzoa prides itself in original concepts and genuinely fun gameplay. First there was Logo; a unique programming experience that was both compelling and educational, then there was Star Sling; a uniquely "classic oldschool" modern homebrew title offering 2 player head to head action with analogue controls all squeezed into an authentic 1980s 4K cart! Now play the most original, largest and fun game yet to emerge from the Vectorzoa stable; Spike's Circus! Want something new and challenging? Try riding a unicycle across a tightrope whilst juggling indian clubs! (Then once you've perfected it in real life you might be skilled enough to do the same in Spike's Circus!

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Cost: GBP26 + P&P
Amongst the many exciting features of Spike's Circus are:
  • Amazing unicycle physics; Use the analogue stick like never before to help Spike ride the unicycle. (Authentically challenging!)
  • Incredible circus based tasks. Whilst on the unicycle help spike:
    • Scale hills and ramps
    • Juggle indian clubs. Fiendish controls requiring real juggler coordination (awesome smooth animation, featuring 64 frames of rotation and 256 position phasing)
    • Tightrope riding. More unique controller twists to provide a long and rewarding learning curve. Features raster based graphics feature for greater feedback
    • Fetch/Carry/Balance objects on his head
    • Accurately "Head" balls to hit targets
  • A variety of challenging control methods each complimenting and building upon the simple yet amazingly addictive analogue cycle control.
  • Over 50 varied game levels
  • Guest appearances of all your favourite Vectrex icons including Minestorm Ships, Scramble Rockets & Berzerk Robots
  • Introduction sequence with Spike, Molly and the vocal talents of Spud performing an original VecVox song!
  • Full colour overlay
  • New style "indestructible" box
  • Terrific detailed Vector based graphics, precise rotation and movement.
  • Onboard 8KB RAM. Animaction style.
  • First 80 carts sold will have onboard serial numbers #00-#79.

Limited Edition sold out. Classic Edition now on sale, identical product, except for serial numbers. Buy here