8 high fiber low carb foods perfect for keto

Over the years, the ketogenic diet has become more popular. This particular diet has gained more popularity because it focuses on fat burning rather than carbohydrates. `A typical keto diet consists of a high proportion of fats, medium protein proportion, and deficient carbohydrate concentration.

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However, in recent years, foods with high fiber with low carb have been included in the list for ketogenic foods. That being said, let’s find out the best ones that you can include in your keto diet this time.

Pulses and beans

Without a doubt, the legumes and the beans are a great source of proteins and fibers. Be it the lentils or the kidney beans, when cooked properly, you will get a tremendous amount of protein and fibers but almost zero carbs.

Let’s see the best beans and pulses that you can take:

  1. Lentils which contains 15.6g fibers and 17.9g proteins
  2. Kidney beans contain 13.6g fibers and 13.4g proteins
  3. Soybeans which contains 10.3g fibers and 28.6g proteins
  4. Black beans which contain 15g fibers and 15.2g proteins


Chickpea is yet another most important food that you can include in the keto diet. It has Not only high protein content, but also this particular bean has more fiber content compared to other beans and pulses. This is the reason you can easily take chickpeas without having to worry about putting on weight. It hardly contains any carb or fat.


Another food that you can include in your keto diet is the oatmeal. Usually, the plain oatmeal is preferred than other flavors, but you can try others too. If you are mixing the oatmeal with other fiber-based vegetables or milk, then your protein and dietary fiber content will simply get enhanced, thus proving to be more than just being beneficial. Apart from this, the oatmeal is always low on carbs but very much high on the fiber and protein content.


This Mexican based fruit has always topped the list for keto diets, especially in times when you need to run on high fiber and low carb diet. Avocados have always been one of the significant components of salads, tarts, and many other dishes. This is why it is straightforward to get the fruit and include it in the diet. It is high in both the proteins and fibers and hence is suitable for muscle gain and the gut. The fat or carbohydrate content is quite low, and consequently, you can easily rely on Avocadoes for maintaining your keto diet.


Spinach is an excellent green leaf that is rich in fibers. Over the years, chefs from all around the world have used the spinach in cooking multiple dishes. Consuming spinach will not only improve the activities of your gut flora region but also will provide your body with many useful vitamins and minerals. So, as keto food, it is a perfect option. When mixed with other green vegetables, the nutrition content of proteins and fibers is escalated.


Blackberry is one of the most important berries for the keto diet. It contains a high amount of fibers and proteins. But that’s not all about the blackberries. They are rich in vitamins and minerals, which are always essential for the body’s proper functioning.

Cruciferous veggies

Cabbages, Brussel sprouts, broccoli, and so on are a part of the cruciferous vegetables. These are high in fibers and proteins but have a negligible concentration of carbohydrates and proteins. You can either take these veggies in the form of salads or could cook them with other keto foods to get the maximum benefit.

Flax seeds

Flax seeds are yet another food perfect for a keto diet with high fiber content and almost no to very little fat and carb content.