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Laser Hair Removal vs Electrolysis Long-Term

Imagine, everyday, all around the world, hundreds of millions of women roll out of bed in the morning and are faced with the daunting task of shaving their unwanted hair. It takes time in the shower, often arising in cuts due to rushing as to avoid being late for work. It's also expensive with money wasted on blades, shaving gel, and lotions to compensate for dryness and irritation. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to remove hair either long-term or permanently? Ahh what a dream.. Well actually, yes, it is possible, there is electrolysis and laser removal, both effective for almost permanent hair removal results. They each have their advantages and disadvantages. With that said here are some facts you should know before deciding which treatment is best for you. If you would prefer to sit down with an expert you can visit the Create Your Beauty salon in Watford for a consultation and you can visit their website for more information on laser hair removal.

How Each Treatment Works to Remove Hair

Both of these methods are highly popular for significant long-term elimination of unwanted hair. They are similar in one way which is they target the hair follicles rather than the hair itself. There are shorter term hair removal methods like waxing that pull out the hairs but the hairs grow back, but slowly, not as fast as after regular shaving.

But since laser hair removal and electrolysis techniques target the actual follicles that are under the surface of the skin, the chances for a permanent elimination of the hair is possible.

Laser hair removal uses an extremely intense microscopic laser beam which is aimed into the hair follicle where it is supposed to damage it. In some cases the follicle is permanently damaged and the hair will not return, in other cases the hair does return but not for a long while. And, since many of the hairs that are being removed are in different stages of growth, it will take multiple treatments to obtain the result of long-term removal. Only hairs in the anagen (active growth phase) can be target during each sesson.

Electrolysis, on the other hand, uses a tiny wire-like device called an epilator. The epilator is inserted deep into the follicle where it sends a strong electromagnetic pulse in the shortwave frequency. This is meant to kill the follicle and prevent further hair growth. Again, like the laser treatments, you’ll need multiple visits to the dermatologist to get the results you seek. Most people agree that the electrolysis treatment lasts longer and is more permanent than the laser treatments.

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It Takes Far Fewer Laser Treatments To Achieve Results

One big difference between the two procedures is that the laser treatments can be used over a very large area. The electrolysis has to be done in very small batches. This makes for many multiple visits if you’re wanting a large area done. Since many of the professionals that do the work charge per hour and per visit, it can run into quite a bit more money than the laser method.

Another difference that may or may not matter, is that the laser treatments are more versatile in the areas that it can be used. It tends to be safer on the facial area except very close to the eyes. The recovery time is also shorter with lasers, many times only a few hours after treatments, so it can easily be done in the morning and the side-effects gone by afternoon, allowing you to return to your daily routine.

Removing your hair long-term is an easy decision to make, but you should contact a dermatologist to help you discuss your particular situation. Factors differ depending on skin color, hair color, the location and amount of hair that needs to be removed. Your expectations are also a consideration as well. Some laser devices are not as effective on darker skin tones as this make it more difficult to locate the follicle, however newer lasers uses a longer YAG wave length which helps to reduce this issue.

Laser removal will need about twice yearly follow up treatments to maintain the same level of hair removal. Electrolysis is considered more permanent and may not need the longer term treatments for years to come. All of this will need to be factored into the number of visits, follow up visits, and long-term visits to reach a final decision.

You should also only use qualified professional technicians that have a license in good standing with a local certification board. These can vary by location but you should ask and also do your homework online by checking reviews written by previous customers. In the Watford area there are many approved clinics for both procedures.