I grew up with lots of games on both computers and consoles. I always wanted to make my own game as a child, and ended up making a very basic point-and-click adventure using hyperlinks and HTML pages generated in MS Word. As a teen I explored Flash and Actionscript to make more point and click adventures, this is when I first used variables for things such as score and HP. Although I'm leaning more towards other types of development as a full time job, it will always be a hobby of mine.

I am fascinated by the HTML, CSS and JS trio and the way they interact with one another. I love how there's always more than one way of going about a particular task and each often has their own pros and cons. I also enjoy experimenting with preprocessors (Pug, Haml, Scss and Sass) as well as the famous front-end framework React.

As challenging as full stack development can be, I really love how anything is possible with it. If it can be concieved of, it can be done. All of my full-stack projects use Node.js for the back end. Any that require a database use mLab to store the data, with MongoDB and Mongoose npm packages to manage the transfer of data.

Data can be presented in a multitude of beautiful ways. What I find particularly exciting about in-browser data visualisation is the interactive aspect of it all. I have been using D3 to produce these data visualisation projects and plan to explore using p5 and THREE.js for more animated projects.

About Me

The path I took to discovering my passion for code was rather unconventional and I would not change a thing, as the decisions I made in life led me to where I am today.

I did a masters degree in Music at The University of Sussex. I love music and I was inspired by my rock musician father to study this field further. The MA did more than teach me about music, it taught me how to think outside the box and approach problems from different angles.

Following my graduation I did various Teaching Assistant roles until I ended up as a Higher Level Teaching Assistant and was given the responsibility of taking my own classes. I loved teaching mathematics, problem solving and most of all - Information Technology. I set up a coding club which became consistently oversubscribed; a parent pleaded with me saying their child was losing sleep over whether they would get into my club! Children find programming fascinating and this makes me hopeful about the future of computer science. The senior leadership team noticed my undeniable passion for the subject and made me the official IT Coordinator for the school.

Since my discovery of JavaScript and code in general, it has become very obvious to me what my calling is in life. I have started tutoring professionally and mentoring / debugging at coding events in London.

I am now looking to further my skills with like-minded individuals, and I look forward to a bright future in development.

James Cross

JavaScript and Node.js Developer

I am a London based programmer who is indisputably obsessed with computer science and problem solving.

I hope you enjoy perusing my vast variety of work which includes:


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