Loan Technology Booms for Consumers

Instant Cash Loans: Technology now allows!

With an ever changing world technology is exponentially increasing rocketing online capabilities faster than ever before.

Loans the smart way.

One of the problems of the past before the internet boom when applying for loans used to be the actual effort to get the money in your own hands. From walking to the bank to signing paper, waiting for the decision and finally if accepted getting the money into your account.

Easy online applications for finance.

Now it's simple to obtain a loan application decision in no longer than 3 minutes with the development of powerful technology tied together with the use of API's companies servers and databases can now comunicate with each other automatically without human interaction.

This type of technology has grown to the extent that there is now fully built search engines specifically for the loan market, on board the technology is a huge list of lenders willing to provide loans to those who are exepted.

This allows users to fill out one single application form and actually apply with potentially more than 150 loan providers in one instant application at the click of a button.

The software takes your details an then sends it via the API to multiple lenders, each lender has it's own accepting criteria that must be met before an accepted loan notification is sent back to the system, the worse the credit history of the user the less chande of being accepted and the interest rates will also increase with the lenders who actually accept people with bad credit.

Once the system has finished checking every lender it will then select the best accepting APR lender and redirect the user the lenders website.

All of this happens in as little as 3 minutes where you can then continue with the application on the lenders website and even have your payout within 10 minutes.

Old credit check methods are history.

  • Bad credit applications still have a good chance of being accepted.
  • Very fast application acceptance.
  • Same day payouts sometimes within 10 minutes if all details are verified automatically.

No more frustration in the loan market place with technology like this, one company that has the instant cash loans technology is Loanski a company owned by ZR Finance LTD. Loanski is ahead of the times with the fastest loan search tech on the market.

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We used Loanski for our instant cash loan and we loved the system, it was the fastest easiest loan application i've ever been through from start to finish.

Roy Samson
Manchester, United Kingdom.


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