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I have categorised my work by place, which is roughly also by year. In my geological time period known as Cambridge, I was given my first iPad and started using it mainly for drawing. My first program was Sketchbook Pro (which sadly no longer exists). Then on one leisurely holiday I forced myself to use Brushes (2013). The old version of Brushes was used, and pictures can be replayed - brushes were mostly composed of circles.

Recently we are rediscovering Brushes through Brushes Redux, which is free. You can edit the actual paint brushes to get something like what I used to use (just to get me started) so now I am happy with the new Brushes too. But then a little girl, also an artist, suggested I use ArtSet. This is an intuitive program for an Artist - it has ready made ‘strokes’ that are just like - pastel or pencil or even some kind of paint. The trick is to see which ones can overwrite which others, and for the free version, which has a limited palette, how to give the impression of the colour that you want to put down, which forces experimentation. The beautiful thing about the low cost version of ArtSet is its amazing painty paint. It is thin if you draw slowly and fat if you draw fast, a little like a Manga pen (the Pro version does not have this feature - and it mixes paint colours, so adds complexity).

The He-Art.me style is a rapid drawing style based on painty paint ArtSet tools. It has forced me to ‘free up’ my drawing.

The latest new thing for me is drawing on the iPhone with another app called MediBang - another recommend from another young artist from the High School of Dundee. MediBang on a tiny screen again forces me to ‘loosen up’. I’ve picked the sharp pen because it distorts what you draw and adds serendipitous surprises. It’s a nice way to draw the neighbourhood when you need to think (I have pictures from around Marchmont, Gorgie and the Union canal).

Later I will show the progression to He-Art.me style of work, year by year.

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