A closer look at GIANT Health 2018

Blockchain in Healthcare: who's in and what's next?

London, 22 November 2018 
Blockchain is being touted by many as one of the impending saviours of healthcare, as a key component of the much vaunted Transformation of Care. By others it's seen as flawed and impractical to adopt, a solution for tomorrow not today.

This one-day conference track will present the views and knowledge of the leaders at the frontline of blockchain development in healthcare; the big builders, those with successfully deployed blockchain solutions and ICOs in the areas of records, security, supply chain, pharma and consumer engagement; and the legal and regulatory experts; and of course some of the 'new kids on the block'.

If you're in healthcare and are wondering what all the fuss is about, this is for you.

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A few of our speakers

We're bringing together around 20 leaders in blockchain to discuss the impact on healthcare innovation. Here's a little taster...

Get the big picture from the big solutions companies like AWS, Cisco and IBM.

Be guided through the ins and outs of regulation from Osbourne Clarke and Gospel.

Find out what's new from the CEOs and Founders of the disrupters: Mo Tayeb of Medical Chain, Zain Rana of Pharmeum, Raja Sharif of FarmaTrust.

You wouldn't want to miss out
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