February 10th, 2017

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GIANT Health, in partnership with The Health-Tech Innovation LABS, bring you the weekly "INDUSTRY UPDATE: Innovation in Healthcare Technology", providing a valuable summary of the latest European and Israeli-focussed healthcare technology news, events, finance deals, and recruitment opportunities.  

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Set Stage at Health 2.0!

Have an innovative product or solution you want to showcase to the entire health care community?

Show us what you got! Live 3.5 minute technology demos are a major hallmark at the Health 2.0 conferences. And we do mean LIVE  - no PowerPoint or video allowed!

Sometimes demos are standalone, but they're often interspersed into larger panel sessions with commentators reflecting on the demo and how they believe it fits into health care.

We review submissions on a first-come, first-serve basis. If you're uncertain that your product will be completely ready at the time of the conference, let us know of your interest anyway - we like to know what's going on in the community, and it's not unusual for us to show products in early stages, too!

To learn more and apply, click here!

Check out a demo video from last year's Fall Conference below!
Sir Mark Walport appointed as Chief Executive of the Research and Innovation Organisation
Currently part of a bill going through Parliament, UK Research and Innovation (UKRI) is expected to open in April 2018 and will oversee the seven existing research councils that hand out a combines £6bn of investment and funding every year.

The government has also announced £15m of funding for 125 innovative research and development projects across the country. Some of the funding going forward, drone technology and 3D printing, which can be used in the biotech industry.
Virtual Reality to continue disrupting digital health until 2020

Photo Credit: Pricenfees Flickr via Compfight cc

A lot of gadgets we enjoy using today started out as figments of our imagination in science fiction. For instance iPads or devices closely resembling them were first seen on Star Trek: The Next Generation as remote control screens used on The Enterprise. While tablets during the late 80s seemed like an impossible technological advancement, today, they're massed-produced gadgets that people use for everyday activities.

Mobile phones, for instance, started out as bulky, 12-inch wireless phones carried by businessmen inside their brief cases. Today, the world's tiniest smartphone called the Vphone S8 can fit in the palm of someone’s hand. SIM cards, too, have evolved from regular-sized NMT SIM cards to NANO SIMS, which can not only store phone numbers but also provide stable 4G connections. SIM numbers can also retain phone information when they get ported to another network, which is being implemented by leading telecommunications companies such as the UK-based O2. It's amazing how NANO SIMs can now store significant amounts of information given how small they have become over time. This is short, has opened the door for digital health to become more accessible and practical for users across a host of demographics.

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by jTechBlogger

Flawed NHS Procurement Process Blocks Technological Innovation
  • A new report from Nabarro highlights that "short-sighted" NHS is ill equipped to benefit from innovative health technology,
  • Approving just one innovative new product for NHS use, could save the NHS over £30m annually,
  • Over half (54%) of stakeholders blame complex procurement practices for hindering health tech businesses, potentially affecting delivery of better patient care at a lower cost,
  • Leading health tech figures call for UK government to steel the NHS towards creating a future-fit health ecosystem,
  • More than 50% of purchasers spent money on technologies aimed at improving compliance with prescriptions, but fewer than 20% of doctors deemed this a high priority,
  • 29% of purchasers had spent money on patient-care pathway management systems, yet this is not a priority for any of the doctors surveyed,
  • Two-thirds (67%) of clinicians believe that procurement practices are disconnected from front-line staff; and over half (51%) of clinicians believe that clinical needs are not taken into account.
Click here to see the full report.


Israeli farmers view medical cannabis as the next big thing
"The latest agricultural exhibition in the Arabah features any plantations of cannabis for medical purposes."
New Medical software reveals hidden insights into your health
health tech, technology
"Medial EarlySign’s software analyzes digital records to identify health risks and existing conditions that may not even be causing symptoms."
DeepMind's AI can learn to act aggressively

AI, research
"Artificial intelligence changes the way it behaves based on the environment it is in, much like humans do, according to the latest research from DeepMind."
The State of European Tech 2016: the future is being invented in Europe
"Following the success of last year’s inaugural State of European Tech report, Atomico has teamed up with Slush once again to produce an in-depth look at what’s going on in the European tech ecosystem."


Upgraded Life Festival
25th-26th April, 2017 | Helsinki, Finland

Upgraded Life Festival is organised on 25-26 April 2017 in Helsinki. Join the front line of influential people in health & wellness including startups, executives, investors, doctors and researchers sharing their insights and showcasing new solutions. This is the place where the rising stars of healthtech meet more established innovators across the industry. Last year the event brought together 1100+ participants, 80+ speakers and 70+ exhibitors. This year will be even bigger.

EIT Digital's Annual Conference

21st March, 2017 | Brussels, Belgium
EIT Digital will host its second annual Conference - Delivering Europe's Digital Transformation - showcasing EIT Digital's achievements, and how they are taking a leading role in shaping digitisation in Europe."

GIANT Health Event 2017
28th - 30th
November, 2017 | London, UK
ONLY 100 EARLY BIRD TICKETS will be released for GIANT 2017 - Click here to claim your ticket

Here are some highlights from GIANT 2016: 

Javid Khan talks about Holographic 3D Technology

Javid Khan, EngD, MEng, MSc, Founder of Holoxica, talks to us about Holoxica which has been working on holographic technology over the past 7 years.

Rama Gheerawo discusses about how to use design to address healthcare challenges
Rama Gheerawo, Director of the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design, talks to us about using design to address some of society’s toughest and most challenges issues.


Emperra - $3.1m / £2.48m
Robert Bosch Venture Capital, Peppermint VenturePartners and Investitionsbank des Landes Brandenburg

Kesios Therapeutics - $2.37m / £19m
Imperial Innovations Group plc (AIM: IVO), SV Life Sciences and Abingworth.

HealthCrowd - $2.1m / £1.68m
Startup Capital Ventures, Herlitz Capital, Healthy Ventures, Band of Angels, Berkeley Angel Network, and others
Mobi Health News

Biocartis - €1.4m / £1.19m
Flemish Agency for Innovation by Science and Technology (IWT)

Mereo - €108.1m / £922.3m
Invesco Perpetual, Novartis AG, and Woodford Investment Management

Health-Tech Community

Heroes of Health-Tech Innovation
Michael Wright, Head of Health Investment, Guy's and St Thomas' Charity

Michael Wright manages an investment fund supporting innovation in Medical Devices, Diagnostics, Mechanical Aids and Software. He is also responsible for sourcing, evaluating and investing in Healthcare companies with non-therapeutic medical innovations and companies delivering laboratory services to the UK NHS.

*|YOUTUBE:[$vid=Tt8NDt1Ju3s, $max_width=300, $ratings=N, $views=N, $border=N, $title=N, $trim_border=N]|*

Click here to see an interview with Michael Wright.

Twitter: @QVenturesCo

QVentures is a private members investment club comprised of sophisticated investors, all of which are actively looking to invest into early stage businesses. Membership provides access to curated co-investment opportunities alongside trusted and successful investors in the market.

  • Minimum investment amount is £25k
  • Sector agnostic
  • Healthcare and Pharmaceuticals opportunities within our offering
  • Fundraises between £500k-£5M
  • 50% must be funded by a third party established and recognized lead investor
  • The club fosters best practice sharing and syndication
  • Monthly pitch events and thought leadership discussions

Please get in touch with if you are an investor and get in touch with if you are a fundraising entrepreneur.


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