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b@health-tech-innovation-labs.comApril 03, 2017

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GIANT Health, bring you the weekly "INDUSTRY UPDATE: Innovation in Healthcare Technology", providing a valuable summary of the latest European and Israeli-focussed healthcare technology news, events, finance deals, and recruitment opportunities.  

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GIANT Health Event 2017

28th - 30th November, 2017 | London, UK
For one week only! Tickets for GIANT 2017 are 2 for 1 - Click here to claim your ticket. Prices go up to £299 on 1st May.


AI and Customer Experience

13th April, 2017 | London, UK
How A.I. Is Transforming The Online Customer Experience

Why Women in AI

2nd May, 2017 | London UK
Bringing clarity to the complex world of AI and providing an event to help companies to deploy AI with less risk.

The Future of Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning In Healthcare

27th April | London UK
An opportunity to discover the drivers of the Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning movement in healthcare. 
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Upgraded Life Festival 

26-27th April | Helsinki
Nordics biggest health startup and innovations event.
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Here are some highlights from GIANT 2016: 

Manoj Ramachandran, BSc, MBBS, MRCS, FRCS(Orth), of Royal London and Barts, tells us about deep learning and medical imaging. Artificial intelligence technology, can be utilised to train algorithms to recognise anatomy and pathology in medical imaging, starting with ultrasound scans. 

Oleg Fomenko, Co-founder of SweatCoin, talks to us about an application which acts an incentive to keep fit. The app works by monitoring movement, which it then turns into currency that can be spent on real life goods. Their analytics have shown that people walk 15% more per day with the SweatCoin app. 

Light environment in intensive care affects how patients feel

Research shows that the light environment in intensive care affects how patients feel - even a year after completed hospitalisation. With light adapted to the time of day, health even improves for patients who are barely conscious when they are admitted for care.

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Digitising health records could have positive impact on diagnosis and treatment of illnesses

Digitising health records to include key patient and treatment information could help identify patterns of illness, effectiveness of treatments and how these patients' gender and ethnicity influence this.

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Researchers develop new technologies to measure key proteins that serve as markers for tumors

Dr. Amanda Paulovich, whose lab has a leading role in the Beau Biden Cancer Moonshot, will speak about her lab's pioneering methods to measure proteins that serve as tumor markers.

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Focus Games launches educational game to improve communication between doctors and children

A new educational game to improve communication between medical professionals and children has been launched by Focus Games Ltd. Doctor Jargon (Paediatrics) is the first in the Dr Jargon series, designed to encourage health professionals to use simple, jargon-free language when talking to child patients about medical conditions, treatments and their health.

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Fun Fact

Two-thirds of all the people in the world who have ever lived to be 65 are still alive today


Medicortex is crowdfunding
 for the development of a rapid diagnostic test for traumatic brain injury (TBI) detection. Medicortex is developing a test that shows the status of the brain injury shortly after an accident and sport injuries. 

Crowdfunding campaign

This week's 'Hero of health-tech innovation':

Emmanuelle Charpentier, Director, Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology (Berlin, Germany)

Emmanuelle Charpentier is one of the most well-known researchers in the world. She has won several high-profile prizes as the co-discoverer of CRISPR. Her intellectual property is the basis of CRISPR Therapeutics, which has raised over €200M in private financing, as well as research in companies like Evolva and Bayer. Since 2015, she has been the director of the  Max Planck Institute for Infection Biology. 

Amazing students doing fantastic health tech innovation

Helena Brezovjakova

In addition to her full-time medical studies at Imperial College, Helena is a Junior Ambassador for GIANT Health Events.

Helena also serves as an educator for UK Open Minds. OpenMinds is a student-led intervention, providing mental health education to school students by training medical students to deliver workshops in local schools.

Future of Health

Classifying white blood cells with convolutional neural networks

What would healthcare look like if you could discover your blood cell count as quickly and cheaply as your temperature? At Athelas, they believe that such a future is within sight thanks to modern deep learning techniques.

Machine learning may assist in classifying knee MRIs

Natural language processing (NLP) may assist physicians to classify free-text knee MRI reports, according to a study in the April issue of the American Journal of Roentgenology.


Head of NHS sales - Oviva
Oviva is a passionate, determined and cohesive group of healthcare professionals seeking to change the way we treat healthcare conditions related to diet and lifestyle through innovative technology.

Main duties and responsibilities:

  • To produce successful tender proposals – and other fundraising applications as required
  • To review and edit previously written content where necessary, working with other team members to produce written bid responses and presentation collateral

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