Registered Number 07458808


Abbreviated Accounts

5 April 2015

RAYDEB LIMITED Registered Number 07458808

Abbreviated Balance Sheet as at 5 April 2015

Notes 2015 2014
£ £
Fixed assets
Investments 2 14,733 2,110,037
14,733 2,110,037
Current assets
Debtors 2,110,000 -
Cash at bank and in hand 3,662 10,908
2,113,662 10,908
Creditors: amounts falling due within one year (1,902,931 ) (1,904,747 )
Net current assets (liabilities) 210,731 (1,893,839 )
Total assets less current liabilities 225,464 216,198
Total net assets (liabilities) 225,464 216,198
Capital and reserves
Called up share capital 3 1 1
Profit and loss account 225,463 216,197
Shareholders' funds 225,464 216,198

  • For the year ending 5 April 2015 the company was entitled to exemption under section 477 of the Companies Act 2006 relating to small companies.
  • The members have not required the company to obtain an audit in accordance with section 476 of the Companies Act 2006.
  • The directors acknowledge their responsibilities for complying with the requirements of the Act with respect to accounting records and the preparation of accounts.
  • These accounts have been prepared in accordance with the provisions applicable to companies subject to the small companies regime.

Approved by the Board on 5 February 2016

And signed on their behalf by:
Mr R Empson, Director

RAYDEB LIMITED Registered Number 07458808

Notes to the Abbreviated Accounts for the period ended 5 April 2015

1 Accounting Policies

Basis of measurement and preparation of accounts
The full financial statements, from which these abbreviated accounts have been extracted, have been prepared under the historical cost convention, in accordance with the Financial Reporting Standard for Smaller Entities (effective April 2008) and on the assumption that the company is a going concern.

Turnover policy
Turnover comprises the company's profit allocation received from a Limited Liability Partnership in which the company has an investment.

Turnover is recognised at the point at which it arises in the Limited Liability Partnership.

Other accounting policies

Investments held as fixed assets are shown at cost, less provision for impairment and include the company's share of profits in the associated undertaking.

2 Fixed assets Investments
During the year, as a result of a loan assignment agreement, £2,110,000 of the company's interest in Empire Property Solutions LLP was assigned to Copse Investments Limited. The amount due from Copse Investments Limited is included in other debtors.

During the year, the business and assets of Empire Property Solutions LLP was transferred to Empire Investments 2014 Limited, in exchange for an issue of shares by Empire Investments 2014 Limited.

3 Called Up Share Capital
Allotted, called up and fully paid:
1 Ordinary shares of £1 each 1 1