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REGISTERED NUMBER: 11482610 (England and Wales)

Payrue Ltd.

Unaudited Financial Statements for the Period 25 July 2018 to 31 July 2019

Payrue Ltd. (Registered number: 11482610)

Contents of the Financial Statements
for the Period 25 July 2018 to 31 July 2019


Chartered Accountants' Report 1

Balance Sheet 2

Chartered Accountants' Report to the Director
on the Unaudited Financial Statements of
Payrue Ltd.

The following reproduces the text of the report prepared for the director in respect of the company's annual
unaudited financial statements. In accordance with the Companies Act 2006, the company is only required to file
a Balance Sheet. Readers are cautioned that the Income Statement is not required to be filed with the Registrar
of Companies.

In order to assist you to fulfil your duties under the Companies Act 2006, we have prepared for your approval the
financial statements of Payrue Ltd. for the period ended 31 July 2019 which comprise the Income Statement, Balance
Sheet and the related notes from the company's accounting records and from information and explanations you have
given us.

As a practising member firm of the Institute of Chartered Accountants in England and Wales (ICAEW), we are subject to its ethical and other professional requirements which are detailed within the ICAEW's regulations and guidance at

This report is made solely to the director of Payrue Ltd. in accordance with our terms of engagement. Our work has been undertaken solely to prepare for your approval the financial statements of Payrue Ltd. and state those matters that we have agreed to state to the director of Payrue Ltd. in this report in accordance with ICAEW Technical Release 07/16AAF. To the fullest extent permitted by law, we do not accept or assume responsibility to anyone other than Payrue Ltd. and its director for our work or for this report.

It is your duty to ensure that Payrue Ltd. has kept adequate accounting records and to prepare statutory financial statements that give a true and fair view of the assets, liabilities, financial position and loss of Payrue Ltd.. You consider that Payrue Ltd. is exempt from the statutory audit requirement for the period.

We have not been instructed to carry out an audit or a review of the financial statements of Payrue Ltd.. For this reason, we have not verified the accuracy or completeness of the accounting records or information and explanations you have given to us and we do not, therefore, express any opinion on the statutory financial statements.

Haggards Crowther Professional Services LLP
Chartered Accountants
2nd Floor, Heathmans House
19 Heathmans Road

19 March 2020

Payrue Ltd. (Registered number: 11482610)

Balance Sheet
31 July 2019

£    £   


Amounts falling due within one year (9,120 )






PayRue Ltd is a private company, limited by shares, registered in England and Wales. The company's registered
number is 11482610 and its registered address is 2nd Floor, Heathmans House, 19 Heathmans Road, London,
England, SW6 4TJ.


The average number of employees during the period was 1 .


Included in the year end Other creditors balance is an amount owed by the company to the director Mr Mikael
Olofsson of £6,610. The outstanding balance is unsecured, not subject to interest and payable on demand.

The company is entitled to exemption from audit under Section 477 of the Companies Act 2006 for the period ended 31 July 2019.

The members have not required the company to obtain an audit of its financial statements for the period ended 31 July 2019 in accordance with Section 476 of the Companies Act 2006.

The director acknowledges his responsibilities for:
(a) ensuring that the company keeps accounting records which comply with Sections 386 and 387 of the Companies
Act 2006 and
(b) preparing financial statements which give a true and fair view of the state of affairs of the company as at the end
of each financial year and of its profit or loss for each financial year in accordance with the requirements of
Sections 394 and 395 and which otherwise comply with the requirements of the Companies Act 2006 relating to
financial statements, so far as applicable to the company.

The financial statements have been prepared in accordance with the micro-entity provisions and delivered in accordance with the provisions applicable to companies subject to the small companies regime.

The financial statements were approved by the director on 19 March 2020 and were signed by:

Mr M Olofsson - Director