true Billing Specialists Limited 06160902 2016-03-31 312176 296678 312276 296778 100 100 312276 296778 312276 296778 312243 296734 7909 13267 320152 310001 94140 125977 3681 0 222331 184024 33 44 33 44 Basis of accounting The financial statements have been prepared under the historical cost convention, and in accordance with the Financial Reporting Standard for Smaller Entities (effective January 2015). The accounts are prepared under the historic cost convention and incorporate the results of the principal activity which is described in the director's report and which is continuing. The company's principal activity is exposed to inherent uncertainties and global market fluctuations beyond the control of the company's management. The company meets its working capital requirements from its day to day activities in this market place and the director considers that the company will continue to operate on this basis and that it is appropriate to prepare the financial statements on the going concern basis. The financial statements do not include any adjustments that would result from a a downturn in the market in which it operates. The company has taken advantage of the exemption in Financial Reporting Standard number 1 from the requirement to produce a cash flow statement on the grounds that it is a small company. Turnover The turnover shown in the profit and loss account represents amounts invoiced during the year, exclusive of Value Added Tax. Work in progress Work in progress is valued on the basis of direct costs plus attributable overheads based on normal level of activity. Provision is made for any foreseeable losses where appropriate. No element of profit is included in the valuation of work in progress. Fixed Assets All fixed assets are initially recorded at cost. Computers and Equipment reducing balance 0.2500 Assets and liabilities in foreign currencies are translated into sterling at the rates of exchange ruling at the balance sheet date. Transactions in foreign currencies are translated into sterling at the rate of exchange ruling at the date of the transaction. Exchange differences are taken into account in arriving at the operating profit. 250 250 217 206 11 250 250 217 206 11 Ordinary 150 1 150 150 Ordinary 1 100 100 100 2016-10-04 Mr J C Alderson true true true true xbrli:shares iso4217:GBP xbrli:pure Billing Specialists Limited 2015-04-01 2016-03-31 Billing Specialists Limited 2014-04-01 2015-03-31 Billing Specialists Limited 2014-03-31 Billing Specialists Limited 2015-03-31 Billing Specialists Limited 2015-03-31 Billing Specialists Limited 2016-03-31 2016-12-21