Handle mass responses better.

Boilerplate is a messaging utility app. It allows you to construct messages out of smaller, pre-composed pieces. Once you've built your message, then simply copy - paste - send.

Ease of use.
Handle mass responses better.

When messaging lots of people about a similar topic, it's very easy to send them all the same message. Boilerplate allows you to quickly formulate person-specific messages using pre-written segments, allowing you to write a more personal message, faster.

Dear Sir/Madam
Hi there, I'm Dan,

Lightning fast. Too fast.
Creating messages from a bank of personal, pre-written, and reusable templates takes only seconds.

Each section can contain multiple sentences, paragraphs, or words. You simply choose one from each category that you want to use.

Compile those templates into a first draft, and either send or continue editing - it's up to you.

Boilerplate is available for iOS, iPadOS, and macOS. This means it can be used on both your Mac and iPad when you're working, and your iPhone when you're on the go.

Versatile use.
Dark mode, drag and drop, & more.

Multitasking is embedded at the core of Boilerplate. It's designed to run at the side of whatever you're doing, allowing you to focus on what's important.

Drag and drop responses or templates into any document, message, or text window, and build your response directly in the app you're using.

Boilerplate also supports Dark Mode (iOS 13 onwards) to blend in with your other applications and your system-wide theme.

Personal. En masse.
Using Boilerplate encourages you to reply to individuals, personally addressing their messages, in a way that requires little to no effort.

This allows you to increase the quality of your communication, without increasing the time it takes.