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Programme 2019-2020

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9 October 2019

Bob Bradfield:
'Antares Charts for Scottish Islands'

Bob has spent the last 10 years creating his Antares Charts of the West Coast of Scotland. They are very large scale electronic charts with related pilotage information and are aimed at experienced yachtsmen, to supplement information available from the official charts and sailing directions.
He says that the authorities have resurveyed very few of the more interesting channels and anchorages of the West of Scotland since the advent of satellite positioning and hardly ever publish charts to a sufficiently large scale to meet the needs of yachtsman when close to hazards.
To date he has published 461 charts, which can run seamlessly with UKHO-type charts on PCs, Macs, iPads, iPhones and Android tablets and phones. He was awarded an MBE for them in this year’s New Year Honours.
Before retiring he worked in finance in the City, retiring at 50 and spending the first few retired years sailing in all oceans of the world, including to the Arctic and Antarctic as well as on Gipsy Moth IV.

13 November 2019

Glenn Machett:
'Tying the knot: circumnavigation with Clipper Ventures'

Glenn hadn’t sailed until preparing for this 11 month trip across the oceans, but his background in vehicle repair fitted him for the role of Engineer on board. Racing with a changing international team of amateurs under Australian skipper Wendy Tuck, much of the year was spent at 45 degrees. From mending glasses to mast repairs, Glenn was kept busy throughout the journey and finally crossed the finish line in Liverpool to achieve a hard-fought first place on Sanya Serenity Coast. 

11 December 2019

Members’ Evening

Our first (brief!) Camsail AGM; election of the committee; mainly a chance to share sailing experiences, hear reports of Camsail trips since last season, and get to know other members better (with Christmas refreshments).

8 January 2020

Stephen Burgess:
'Sail Training and Tall Ships Races'

The Rona Sailing Project has taken part in Tall Ships Races for over 50 years, racing its large yachts alongside mighty tall ships of many nationalities. This talk will focus on a number of these races - some with all female crews, others with all male crews; and whether that makes any difference! The RSP also enters all four of its boats, with mixed crews, in the Small Ships Races in the Solent each Autumn, when sail training yachts battle it out between themselves. A few additional special RSP voyages will also get a mention.

12 February 2020

Garth Cooper:
'East Coast Pilot' 

Garth is an ex-BBC and Fleet Street journalist, has worked on Sailing Today, edited Anglia Afloat, and served 20 years on the RYA Eastern Regional Committee. He is a member of the CA and East Anglian Sailing Trust, with whom he takes blind people cruising. He sails a Contest 33 after 22 years owning a Holman classic. He is co-author of East Coast Pilot and author of North Sea Passage Pilot. There’s a new edition of ECP out and he’ll be taking us through the work involved in producing it and also be revealing changes to NSPP and touching on an exciting new project to help blind people get more enjoyment from their sailing.

11 March 2020

'Border Force'

The talk will start with a brief history of Customs and Immigration work and the eventual merger of the two. It will then cover the work they currently undertake and the assets they have to help achieve their aims. They will explain the current setup of their local intelligence and the area they cover. We will see a few examples of the lengths smugglers will go to in order to transport their goods, and the vessels they use. Very important to them is how the maritime community can help and the various methods by which information can be passed.