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Does Dry Carpet Cleaning Remove Stains?

Yes!  Our Carpet Cleaning service is excellent at stain removal. We hand  treat everyday stains such as tea, coffee and wine and we use the latest  technology in stain removal products. We are experts on removal of rust  stains and pet stain removal.

When Can I Replace  My Furniture from the Room After  Carpet Cleaning?

Good News! With Dry carpet cleaning system, we clean only the carpet – the underlay is not soaked with water or cleaning product. Your clean carpet is ready to use in minutes not hours and it is not necessary to remove heavy furniture from the carpet. All furniture and furnishings can be left safely in place we only require you to pick up small items so that we can clean as much carpet as possible when we visit.


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Safe cleaning system - for family, pets and home
No Risk of damage to wooden floors or furniture
No Risk of mould mildew or water damage
Allergy Friendly

Now Have The Experts in Altrincham Carpet Care-- Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning
We know that the main reason our customers say they have delayed cleaning their carpets is because they are so concerned that their carpet will be left soaking wet for days on end or that their wooden floors or furniture in the the room will be ruined by water damage. No modern family has time to wait for a wet carpet to dry, the carpets that require cleaning regularly are the carpets that are in constant use – family rooms, hall and stair carpets and living rooms. If one or move rooms or the hall or stair carpet is wet – family life will be disrupted and difficult. Now you can avoid all those difficulties with Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning.Carpet Care from Deluxe is No Risk Carpet Cleaning, -- there is no possibility of a soaking wet carpet and no risk to furnishings or furniture of any type of water damage Caring for your carpet is often forgotten about it comes bottom on the housekeeping list and yet it provides warmth and colour to any room and are often very expensive to replace. With careful regular cleaning your carpet can maintain its good looks and texture for many years to come Your carpet deserves the very best care so it always remains a beautiful part of your home's interior decoration. You can protect your carpet by regular professional cleaning. Deluxe Dry Carpet Cleaning Provides a Unique and Different Service

A rug or carpet is designed to catch and trap the soil and dirt that is brought into your home. Either on the soles of shoes or simply from the air – our air in Manchester is laden with particles of dirt and allergens. Trapping dirt and soil is one of the carpet’s main functions and they do it well, but a natural consequence is that all carpets and rugs become dirty in time. To preserve your rug's looks and beauty regular professional cleaning is required from time to time. Vacuuming is not enough Our qualified and experienced rug professionals will take the very best care of your carpets whether they are natural fibre or synthetic or mixed. ,

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